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falling slowly - sing your melody


had a dream of making everyone smile
3 May
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Sunny days come and gone away
And he is wanderin' through this life with no one to blame
Heart spinnin' round and around it goes
He's starin' at the sky lookin' for someone who knows

He is on his way
He is on his way
On his way to make it all make sense
~ Kris Allen "On Our Way"

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To me you are perfect.

I don't know you, but I want you all the more for that.

About Me
My name is April, my middle name is Joy and in French that's Joie, then I added the x, for kicks and giggles. I'm 26, but feel all of 13 most days. I work as a labor & deliver nurse on the central coast of california.

I come from a large family of kids, most of them adopted, all of them dysfunctional and wonderful. I like just pineapple (anana!) on my pizza and I'll put ketchup on just about anything (yes, even pizza). I've been defined as both loquacious and verbose, you have been warned.
Entertain Me
TeeVee: Veronica Mars. Friday Night Lights. Brothers & Sisters. Psych. Dexter. Pushing Daisies. The OC. Top Chef. So You Think You Can Dance. Boy Meets World. Everwood. Dawson's Creek. Alias. Gossip Girl. How I Met Your Mother. Chuck. Battlestar Galactica
People and Pairings: ♥ Kris Allen ♥. Kristen Bell. Adam Levine. Jason Dohring. Reese Witherspoon. Matt Damon. Josh Hartnett. Chris Marquette. Milo Ventimiglia. Clay Aiken. Zachary Quinto. Patrick Dempsey. Benji Schwimmer. Rachel McAdams. Ryan Gosling. JJ Abrams. Neil Haskell. Jennifer Garner. JeffreyDeanMorgan. Zachary Levi(future husband).

Logan&Veronica. Sylar&Elle. Tim&Lyla. Coach&Mrs.Coach. Rory&Jess. Shawn&Jules. Elle&Peter. Sydney&Will. Chuck&Me. Chuck&Sarah. Dan&Blair. Blair&Chuck. Nate&Jenny. Joey&Pacey. Rory&Jess. Helo&Athena. Sam&Kara. Starbuck&Apollo. Marshall&Lily. Robin&Barner. Ted&Mother.
Movies: The Notebook. Shawshank Redemption. Man in the Moon. 10 Things I Hate About You. Romeo&Juliet. Little Mermaid. The Talented Mr. Ripley. Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Wizard of Oz. Moulin Rouge. Dirty Dancing. Save The Last Dance. The Wedding Planner. My Girl. Steel Magnolias. The Outsiders. Almost Famous. Hairspray.
Words & Sound
Words: Anything Jane Austen. Anything Maeve Binchy. Anything John Grisham. Gone With The Wind. Babysitters Club Series. Little House on the Prairie. Anne of Green Gables. The Screwtape Letters. Mere Christianity. Girl Meets God. Shakespeare's Sonnets. Romeo&Juliet. Little Women.
Sound: Kris Allen. K-sizzle. Kristopher Neil Allen. Jason Mraz. Tim McGraw. Garth Brooks. Elisa. The Fray. The Rocket Summer. Joshua Radin. Damien Rice. Regina Spektor. Maroon 5. Stars. Tegan&Sarah. The Carpenters. David Gray. Ben Lee. Nichole Nordeman. Ginny Owens. Imogen Heap. Sara Bareilles. Secondhand Serenade. Josh Kelley.
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Don't Hold Back was my first fic and first win at kb_jd
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